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The Phenomenon called Anna Hazare!!!!

Being an Indian, not knowing Anna Hazare is a curse.Such as soared his popularity and his idea of India Against Corruption Movement.What's interesting to see is that, many Youngsters and young adults who have not experienced the true extent of corruption, are the ones supporting Anna Hazare the most. The reason for its large penetration among teens and youth is mainly because of social networking sites and the use of technology to propagate a cause.I appreciate the people who have started many websites and groups to show their support to Anna Hazare.But one thing which people must not forget is that, this movement is against Corruption, India's unexposed anger against it and this is not for supporting Anna Hazare blindly. He's definitely the leader who initiated it but the cause is more important and that's what we are moving for "India Against Corruption". This movement must be popularly called as "India's Second War Of Independence" as c

What Makes Gautam Vasudev Menon A Class Apart?

If you're born in an urban locale in Tamil Nadu and If you're a film lover then Gautam Vasudev Menon is someone whom you love very much.Popularly called as Gautam, this director has transformed the traditional way of filming in Kollywood (another name of Tamil Film Industry) and has extended its audience way beyond the narrow boundaries of Tamil Nadu. Having graduated as an engineer and then coming to films, Gautam brings in a lot of class and attention to detail in all his movies.Gautam's foray into films began with Minnale and he has also nurtured many technicians such as the Lyricist Thamarai, Music Director Harris Jeyaraj and Art Director Rajeevan. This trio has been part of most of his films and has also been an added advantage for the success of all his movies.Some critics do say that, the reason for the success of Gautam is only because of his technicians. I disagree with that completely.A director is someone who has to discover and nurture the potentialities of

The Importance Of People in One's life!!!

There's a popular saying which I have mentioned earlier and would like to reiterate it again. "Man is born and dies alone yet in between he's always in chains".Its highly improtant that you have good friends and people around you in your life . The reason why I'm writing this is because I find in this information age people are more connected with eachother electronically than emotionally.Though, its good that we're connected in electronic connections everything the people say and text you is filled with fantasies and hence its not always dependable.We are humans right, then why converse with one another through machines and gadgets alone, expressing oneself in the real world is always superior to a chat or a text. People you have around you can play a major role in making you understand atleast a little about this mysterius world.Having good people and friends around you can have such positive vibrations that it can transform even a dumb introvert into a

A Sister will redefine your life!!!!

I'am posting this as I felt the importance and the positive effect I had in my life after I got wonderful sister's. A sister is a relationship which is cherished by all brother's. If you are blessed with one right from your childhood then you're indeed a blessed soul.In the modern culture after the advent of globalization and information age, people having started adopting sister's and brother's which is a very encouraging.Now that our world has shrunk into a global village with one language called the internet, this concept of accepting someone as a sister or as a brother is increasing especially among teens. Coming to my wonderful sister's, I just can't describe the positive change they had on me.Then, as the days passed I started understanding the importance of having a good broad-minded understanding sister's in my life.Whenever, she smiles at me, whatever sorrow is there in my heart, its just wiped off clean. Moreover, besides being a siste

Exaggerated Fears About Economy

The gloomy sky over the US Markets and its demote in loan payoff has overshadowed itself across the Asian and European markets. Though, this problem is a cause of concern for US I still can't understand why it affects other markets also significantly. As a constant observer of Indian Markets, I find this cause of worry among Indian investors is unwarranted for and is unnecessary. Considering US demographics, a predominant part is involved in share markets, whereas in India this is restricted to a hand-picked population. I find these restricted market forces very sentimental, which causes a lot of problems even for long term investors. Also, this also an evidence that there is a lot FII"s involved in Indian Markets who are in a necessity to sell shares but Indian investors get influenced by this and suffer a lot. Usually, a downfall in the market is caused due to excessive economic optimism which has to be avoided. Investors must come out of "Greed-Fear theory&q

Human is a Glorified Computer!!!!

Right from my childhood, my inclination towards brain and understanding its functionality has been on a high.I love computing and technology equally and when I started researching on this I found certain interesting comparisons. First of all, our brain is the prime controller of the central nervous system and integrates all bodily activities and functions. We are aware of the popular statement that "Your Brain is a Computer and tap its full potential". We people do some things not knowing how it happens. As I always say "Every Happening Has A Reason", the reason why your brain understands certain things and leaves the rest is because you didn't store it in your memory in accordance with an algorithm.If you happen to follow a certain step-by-step process to store the data even in your brain you would be amazed to find that you can retrieve the data whenever necessary.Let me take a real time example.Solving math problems is a typical problem for any student. Wh

"The Wall" called Rahul Dravid

Rahul Sharad Dravid, popularly called as "The Wall" has been the backbone of Indian Test Cricket Team ever since his debut in 1996.Though, the start of his cricketing career was not that impressive, he's made a mark at International level with his strong technique and defensive strokes.Post 2000, he's an amazing average of above 60 in Test Cricket and has involved himself in many century partnerships. Talking about his career, he's the only player to have scored centuries against all test playing nations.He also holds the record of most number of catches in Test Cricket. He's hit altogether about 31 centuries in Test Cricket which also includes five double hundreds.Initially, he's a keeper and now he's turned purely into a batsman. He plays No.3 in batting order and is considered as the best suited person for this spot. The one thing which I personally like about Dravid is his composure while batting.He's been involved in many partne

"Friendship is what links pure hearts without an Ego"

I realized the importance and penetration of friendship among people only after going through a year of college.Though I had many friends during schooldays, as I was an introvert during those days I didn't understand friendship.After my eleventh, I just had one close friend who was with me all the time during my ups and downs. Its lucky I got him back even into my college life as we both got the same college and course and we're still together. But, now I have a bunch full of souls who're my close buddies who are my dear friends. I can now understand the pivotal role they play in my life. All of them are very caring, affectionate and we enjoy each other's company.If you look closely, all my friends are talented and skillful in their own way yet we gel together  as friendship has no barriers, algorithms and restrictions.Its a feeling of togetherness, an expression of happiness and a journey of enjoyment.Now I just can't imagine a life without them. I hope

Life Is Not Just About Numbers!!!

I dedicate this article to all those who feared about numbers just like me!!!! I was a guy who used to give a lot of importance to numbers.Meaning I used to worry a lot about Marks, First Mark, Topper etc., but now realized that every such thing which I gave importance to were just mere numbers.Now I have some so called "Number Friends" who call me or text me just to know my mark. To be frank, the toughest question to be answered by any student is "What's your score? Mate". This attitude of number pressure is common among Indians and has forced many students in attempting suicides just because their numbers were not that good. First of all, philosophically speaking anything that is measurable is going to be a burden or a pressure to you. Its because it leads to comparison at some point of time. Take for example, money, marks etc., all these just add on to our tension. On the other hand, talking about immeasurable things such as love, affection, friendshi

India's Dismal Performance in England till now :( :(

There are questions raised in media "Is Indian Cricket team the most fragile No.1 Team in Test Arena". What I would say is that off late people in India and Indian media in particular expects a lot from our team.They fail to understand that Cricket is a sport where the frequencies of alternative wins and losses is high.Our government has given a lot of freedom of press.Any controversy now is communicated through the electronic media.In that case, these channels should not exploit this and give extreme news about our Indian Team. After spending, a lot of time in subcontinent going to an entirely new arena of England is difficult to get accustomed to any player.There are so called "News Suckers"..who run behind players for sensational news.See media cannot do anything for business.They should be responsible representative of people. Coming back to cricket, Indians also suffered a lot of injuries recently.The lights of players like Viru,Gambhir and Zaheer

There's A Reason For Every Happening!!!

Thought of switching back to my favorite philosophy.I'am a firm believer that every happening of this world has a reason behind it.Even many of our ancient superstitions were believed  just as to fear make us do things right. More than using the term superstition I call them as emotional boosters.Ultimately, your brain just needs to absorb positive energies from all around in order to do things right. Fine, coming back , comparing science with my philosophy what comes to my mind is that of Chaos Theory.It states that every minute and gigantic happenings of this world are interconnected.Take for example, a fall of a butterfly wing can even influence a tornado somewhere else.Sounds Interesting Right..If I give another example you would understand better. I hope you would have seen Kamal Hassan's film Dasavatharam, where a dialogue comes that in order to save billions of people from the deadly virus, millions were sacrificed by the tsunami.Chemically, sea water has a lot