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Why Can't A Boy and Girl Be Friends Forever??

This article is not intended at any particular person or a group of people.I'm writing this article for the sole purpose of making people broad minded in their viewpoints.If I happen to hurt anyone I apologize. Our Indian society is rooted to its cultures and traditions.The concept of globalization has also increased the camaraderie among youths.But still, there are "certain young by age and old by thought" youth people in India who doesn't understand a true friendship between a boy and a girl.I know this is a controversial topic yet I want to enlighten everyone with my points of view. There is a popular philosophy that.."Man is born alone and dies alone.Yet during his journey he's in chains." Every human wants some person to listen to him, to fight with him, to share his happiness and sorrow and a true companion to depend however bad your situation is.The concept of teasing and ragging in colleges has been increasing manifolds in recent year

Comparision between Indian Education Framework and Australian Education Framework

This article comprises of some comparisons between our system of education and Australian framework.For the Australian part got suggestions from my buddy Pradeep Cholan currently pursuing his Biomedical Honors at Griffith University, Australia. First Of all, the primary difference between our dreadful system and their's lies in Understanding.There in Australia, students first do the concepts practically and then learn the theory part of it. This is an amazing method considering the fact that, students tend to do a lot of mistakes when attempting something practically and then when they follow up it with theory their thorough knowledge about the concept is achieved.That's the reason why students in abroad are good at problem identifying and we Indians are good at solving it. For example, in case of a parallel connection in circuits students there first do it practically, try different methods then achieve the results and finally learn the theory part of it.As they can do it p

Deivathirumagal!!! Its heart melting

Well, this film sort of kindled me to write a review. Whoa!!! What a movie man!!!. Deivathirumagal is an emotional flick filled with many sentimental sequences and reactions which makes every viewer cry. I feel this film, has made everyone feel that "WE ARE STILL HUMANS FILLED WITH A HEART FULL OF EMOTIONS". After seeing the movie I appreciate the child artiste Sarah...She has shown a lot of subtle reactions giving a lot of attention to detail.Though, the story has taken after a lot from "I'am Sam" I still applaud the performance of the protagonist Vikram.There is just a hairline gap between real acting and over acting.Dr."Chiyaan" Vikram is right in that gap who has dealt his role with ease. In fact there was not  a single frame in the movie  where his acting was not up to the mark.Then, talking about Director Vijay, people were very impressed with his debut "Madraspattinam", which I felt was a doctored Copy of which the Atla

Blow the Aircon Air!!!!

This article is my Idea to reduce the running time of Air conditioners.I hope its feasible.By using idea, AC run time will minimize leading to less harm for our Earth... I had sent this for International Climate Champions 2011...the deadlines are over and the shortlisted candidates are yet to be announced.                                                                             "Blow the Aircon Air" Need for this project:   Air conditioning is slowly becoming a necessity today to provide a comfortable atmosphere in workplace, schools, hotels, theaters and in homes. Banning the use of air conditioners completely is far from reality now. Hence, the ultimate aim of my project is to reduce the running time of air conditioner by using certain innovative techniques. The Idea: My innovation is to put a high speed fan at the vent of air conditioner which will increase the throw of conditioned air into the room and also reduce the time required for cooling a close

Mumbai Blasts...:( :(

I was bitterly disappointed when I heard about Mumbai blasts and when I saw the plight of people aftermath the blast.Adding fuel to my displeasure was the headlines and supportive pictures on newspapers.I accept that this was the most important news.But imagine a person having got up from sleep,opens his newspaper and sees the photo of a person bruised badly lying with a leg lost and floating in a river of blood.Even when I type these words, I feel bad at my heart...then why don't these publishers don't understand its disturbing? See If a sensitive women or a child sees that picture...just imagine the negativism which would penetrate through his mind and his heart. Nowadays, though internet and television was most used the love of newspapers has not diminished. I feel disheartened when these publishers just for the sake of publicity print these sorrowful pictures right in first page...and make people unhappy on a fresh morning.Even when War was going on in Lebanon, a newspa

Children exploited in Television Advertisements

A television advertisement is one which reaches every household irrespective of financial capabilities. Exploiting the everlasting love for children in the society many advertisers use children as their USP to propagate a brand. In the globalized society Advertisement industry has obtained many lucrative profits by enacting children in their advertisements. There are several factors to be considered while using children in advertisements. First of all, in most cases of child artistes are brought into the advertisement by compulsion from their parents. These parents to fill their pockets with cash “use their kids” .The child is also brought under immense pressure from its parents by forcing it to act. People argue that when a child acts in an advertisement it is “not a form of child labour” as the child receives formal education and basic necessities. Children below twelve are not physically and mentally stable to take their own decisions. As they lack the decision-making capacity

Can India Compete with China??

As most financial stalwarts say, India and China are the fastest growing economies of the world . Making a comparison between these two countries, I found out certain interesting differences... >> Both these countries high GDP every year, but in China most of which comes from Industrial sector whereas in India it comes from service sector.. >>In China there is 1 language, 1 spiritual thought, 1 party, 1 country all unified into a single cluster.On the other hand In India, many languages, numerous parties , different spiritual thoughts and yet 1 country...thats what we euphemistically call Unity in diversity.. >>In China they have a "Democratic Dictatorship" which is more of single party rule... but in largest democracy India we have "Monarchy democracy"( I'm sarcastic here denoting Congress Party) >> In China, having a membership in a political party is an "asset" whereas in India political party itself is a liability... &g