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“Value Added Education-The Need of the Hour”

This is one of my articles published in Times Of India (NIE), Chennai way back in December 19th,2008: Value added education is the enhancement that students achieve in their knowledge, skills and abilities. Sadly, today education is increasingly concentrated in the marks obtained by the students and overall development is lacking in students. Parents, in search of right school and college for their child are usually looking for academic excellence. At the same time they want their child to enjoy the learning experience. Most often one of these goals is achieved at the expense of other. By value added education the student’s knowledge and capabilities are improved. Thus, the students' enjoy the learning experience and also show an excellent academic record. Value added education requires assessment of students’ education right from their kinder garden to graduation. It empowers students to be critical, reflective and lifelong learners. A high quality educational institut

The Lokpal Bill

The Anna Hazare and Lokpal phenomenon is just an outburst of compressed anger against corruption in India by affected people of India. We also had an excellent leader Anna Hazare who unified the agitations against corruption and made it into a mass movement. Seeing the immense support from public the Gandhian Method of agitation partially won and Government had to agree for it. After showing hopes of Lokpal bill, the government is again going back on its promise which is very disheartening. Democracy is public oriented government and the elected people find it so hard to pass the bill for the public.We have the Right of Information act enacted in our constitution yet these representatives of people just distance themselves from people post elections and then say "Government is different from people". I still fail to understand one thing why can't things and systems in India be simplified? The system currently prevalent in our nation is so complex that debarring major cr

Global Warming and Carbon Footprint

Global warming is a term well known to many students and almost to all the metropolitan population but do we realize the impending problem it possesses? This is a question still left unanswered... Talking about a typical middle class urban household, refrigerator and air conditioner has become a necessity which are prime contributors of global warming. Besides understanding the theoretical implications of ozone depletion, global warming, carbon footprint we rarely do implement it practically. I don't ask people to do great things but even small contributions can harm our planet earth less. One such small contribution is using the AC in comfort zone of 24 celsius to 27 celsius which will reduce the work on compressor and rapidly decrease the poisonous gases coming out from it. Another thing is to maintain a small garden in your household and watering the plants regularly. Its serves as an excellent past time and nurtures the ecosystem simultaneously. Adding to these minuscule effo

Few Quotes Quoted!!

>> "Life is just a Sugar-coated dream filled with desires and disappointments" >>The beauty of life lies in understanding each other's differences and enjoying their uniqueness" >>"Total Happiness is a myth..Every happy moment has a tinge of sadness associated with it" >>"There is nothing which is permanent in this planet other than PAIN" >>"When you are denied of something good besides working hard for it, the  God is preparing you for something better" >>"The most complex machine of this universe-Man also requires constant oiling in the form of motivation" >>"The most contagious thing which has to become a pandemic in this world is confidence and self-belief"  

True Happiness is a Myth!!!

"There is nothing in this world called as true or utmost happiness".My dad used to say this to me whenever I say "Dad, I'am very happy".Thinking deeply into this thought, I realized that my dad was right.The cause of your happiness always has an effect to follow.To be more specific let me say you score the highest marks in your class and you are happy about it.But whenever the next exam comes you have to maintain your rank to maintain your happiness for which working harder is the only option which is effect of your happiness.There is just a minuscule difference between happiness and utmost happiness or satisfaction.This is the difference between the common man and achiever.Once your heart experiences utmost happiness/satisfaction then your body stops working harder and complacency comes along with you.On the other hand if you just be happy for your achievements and also keep in mind that this good feeling is very temporary only then you progress. One of my be

The Beauty of a Baby!!!!!

Have you ever touched the fingers of a baby 2 or 3 hours old?? Felt the tenderness of skin it has? Well, no matter how many living creatures are there on our Mother Earth... A New Born Child is the most beautiful among all.Then Child then goes through the metamorphosis gradually growing under the care of its parents.But have you ever spend a lot of time with infants who can't speak but just express?? Talking scientifically, till the age of three, the bones in its body of child are not fused to form joints which makes its flexible. Hence, every small movement of baby is cherished. When the baby is just about to start talking the innocent expression of baby and his futile attempts to make his mom understand what he is trying to say is fun to watch.My grandpa used to tell me, "Always spend most of your time with children below three and elders above 70".When I started implementing this I learnt two things.. If you want to experience unadulterated pure love then talk with t

The Superficial Fame!!!!

How many people here would like to be a Celebrity Personal Assistant?? Keeping in mind of the stardom many people would go for this job but in reality its not that easy... To our argument let us have a film personality as our celebrity and let us be his CPA. For a celebrity from a film fraternity, managing his dates and his personality is a huge task.There are numerous magazines which publish  lot of unwanted gossips and you have to be ready with your diplomatic answers for every sensitive question. Being as a shadow to the celebrity you have to protect him wherever he goes. You have a act a negotiator between the producers and celebrity.Schedule plans everyday for your employer and at the same time run errands for his family such as buying grocery, paying bills and bringing children back from school.The Press would at times overrate you as the celebrity himself and ask many personal questions..but you have to be ready to tackle it.As a CPA you could be under appreciated ,over worke

Mesmerizing Matheran!!!

This is just a travel article on one of my favorite holiday destination..... Why? If you want to unwind, sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing charm of nature then Matheran is the place for you.The calmness, tranquility and eerie silence definitely makes Matheran an unforgettable experience.Located at an elevation of 800-meter above sea level, this place boasts of its panoramic views and breathtaking charm.Despite the thousands of visitors coming to visit Matheran throughout the year, this place still remains unspoilt because its an eco-sensitive region where vehicles and plastics are banned.Being the smallest hill station in India and located at radius of 100 kms from metro cities Mumbai and Pune makes Matheran a popular urban gateway.The best time to visit Matheran would be in monsoon season in which the waterfalls,misty mountains and vividly green forests come alive!! What shouldn't You Miss? The Panorama point that provides  a  360 degree view of surrounding areas

Some Of My Best Pics Till Date!!!!

As Tall as a Giraffe Hibiscus rosa sinensis Countryside!!!! Dragonfly On First Floor This Pic was published in The Hindu NXG The Face Of Majesty Rain drops reflecting from surface below The African Experience The Dog Ride for Cute Teddy Sunlight traversing through leaflets..... The God of All Trees This trunk is more powerful than an elephant's Perfect Scenary The Close up Snapshot Pine Trees from Earth Surface  Water gliding through the rocks

India's Unrevealed Truth!!!!

A country which was chased by westerners for its enormous resources was captured.Besides exploiting her to the core they injured the hosts of soil physically, mentally, financially. Then after 250 years of ailing pain, the boon called independence came to her with help of a man who fought a war without fighting.Yes, I'am talking about Our India and Mahatma Gandhi.They were westerners and India known for its forgiving nature left them unhurt.But when Indians are stabbing their own countrymen through Bribery and Corruption, I just can't take this lightly. The entire ray of corruption scandals starting from Commonwealth games till the 2G scam has left a deep hurt in Indian Hearts...I call it a ray because this seems going on and on every day something comes out to keep media interested.How can the government maintain silence when trillions of Indian rupees is left stagnant in a foreign bank when people are suffering to fulfill their hunger and thirst?In a country where a court

Never Murder Yourself :( :( :(

Suicides in India is not a rare phenomenon especially among Students and newly weds.Suicides is just a outburst of pressure and distress accumulated over a period of time, which bursts itself to the height of murdering yourself.... In countries like India where there is immense competition right from registering your birth till finding a burial place for you, pressure and stress is immense.Behind every person's success there are hundreds of failures and disappointments. These factors keeps adding on and it creates a dormant volcano of pressure, anger, stress, disappointments etc,. within one's heart. When this dormant volcano explodes, then the anger flows like lava destroying whatever comes in its way... The reason why these unfortunate incidents are prevalent among students and newly weds is because these two periods of life are most tender ones.The academic intelligence in India is very vast and in-depth knowledge is given to students but when it comes to emotional in