The Hottest Controversy- 2G Spectrum Scam

2G Spectrum, a technical term though but is being talked about right from tea shops to corporate houses.Imagine this small word 2G in  just 1 year has turned 60 year old DMK upside down in state elections!!!! Now, lets get deep into this scam.Unlike other scams where the people involved get money directly for favoritism towards someone this scam is something different.The principal architect of the scam Mr.Andimuthu Raja sold the 2G licenses to handpicked companies for runaway prices who were not eligible for the licenses.As a gesture of showing their gratitude, the favored Swan Telecom with the help of DB Reality transfered 214 Crore to Kalingnar TV.Thanks to their gesture because only by this money trail CBI was able to find this transaction and put Kanimozhi behind bars.Though, many scams have occurred in past the magnitude of the loss of revenue to the Government has shocked people.Media has also played a big role in this displaying the term 1,76,000 crore more than its numerical value!!! I put the entire blame on Congress government for not appointing right persons as ministers just to satisfy the Alliance parties.Finally, talking about the positives of this scam, this scam has been ranked as second most high profile scam by Times. 


  1. gr8 work dude hope the youngsters wake up to raise their concern against scams in future


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