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MAN-You have made this world a misery????

Scientifically speaking the entire universe began from a small spot of matter which bursted itself to form Planet Earth and all other planets in solar system.This concept is popularly called as Big Bang Theory.Then came all living species on Earth starting from amoeba to Homo sapiens(Man). Though, man is an animal he considers himself superior to other animals and started conquering them one by one.Interestingly, he didn't leave the harmless plants also which gave him oxygen to breathe.He then started exploiting nature for his own needs and created territories and barriers across places and called them countries and continents.Then came science and technology where he created numerous things under the impression of uplifting mankind.Then created money for buying things and started valuating everything under the sky in terms of Money. Found that the smallest thing in this universe is an atom and also derived immense energy to use it for mankind.These things didn't make him h

"The Magic Of Chennai Super Kings"

Chennai, the fastest developing city in the southern coastal strip of India is a great place to be.Though Chennai has maintained a low profile in global arena when compared with Delhi and Mumbai, the club cricket IPL has propelled Chennai popularity to the top of the world.When compared with all other teams in IPL,Chennai has been the most consistent and dependable team under the leadership of M.S.Dhoni. The reason for Chennai stupendous success is still a mystery yet to be solved.Its a mystery because every member of the team is responsible for its victory at different situations.Another prime reason for its consistent performance is Chennai's love for cricket and the crowd which appreciated good cricket played in M A Chidambaram Stadium. The captaincy of Dhoni is something I have always cherished.The way in which he uses his resources in amazing.Some of his bowling changes and field placements are magical and his intuition has always backed him. As IPL reaches every househo

"The Untouched Art Of Making Money"

How many Indians know about Nifty and Sensex ? Sensex and Nifty are parameters which reflect India’s econom y in the global arena. Companies which have public holdings are listed in stock markets and people who wish to buy stocks of a company can buy it in cash or as derivatives. Indians especially are rooted to traditional way of investing such as land, gold, silver, fixed deposits etc. People fail to understand that return on equity (stock) investments surpasses all other forms of investment. If people start investing in stocks directly or indirectly both the individual and the country’s economy is benefitted. One interesting fact is that India holds maximum hoarded gold than any other country, yet the country is still in developing stage. Indians are fond of gold in the form of ornaments the return on this is very abysmal. Post second millennium India and China are the fastest growing economies. Understanding India’s accelerating growth many foreign investors are into Indian marke

"Engineering Colleges Manufacturing Rank Producing Machines"

This article is to solely criticize the engineering education taking place in Tamil Nadu (since i'am witnessing it I can comment upon it).The word " Engineering" when you browse the dictionary goes this way "practical application of the scientific ideas" but in reality Engineering education in Tamil Nadu goes only for theoretical knowledge and rank statistics.As one of my friend's puts it,"Its just an Extended High School for us".Keeping the statistics in mind Tamil Nadu produces about 1.5 Lac engineers every year out of which only 15% are employable .The graph between employability and the number of students passing out is very disheartening.There are just two prime reasons for this: First of all,Students today are taking up engineering without having any sort of interest or passion behind it.The placement and hefty initial salary in IT Sector are forcing parents in this competitive world to make their child take engineering so that he will be

The Hottest Controversy- 2G Spectrum Scam

2G Spectrum, a technical term though but is being talked about right from tea shops to corporate houses.Imagine this small word 2G in  just 1 year has turned 60 year old DMK upside down in state elections!!!! Now, lets get deep into this scam.Unlike other scams where the people involved get money directly for favoritism towards someone this scam is something different.The principal architect of the scam Mr.Andimuthu Raja sold the 2G licenses to handpicked companies for runaway prices who were not eligible for the licenses.As a gesture of showing their gratitude, the favored Swan Telecom with the help of DB Reality transfered 214 Crore to Kalingnar TV.Thanks to their gesture because only by this money trail CBI was able to find this transaction and put Kanimozhi behind bars.Though, many scams have occurred in past the magnitude of the loss of revenue to the Government has shocked people.Media has also played a big role in this displaying the term 1,76,000 crore more than its numerical v

IPL-"Cricket Beyond Boundaries"

The Indian Premier League has become an household term and has gone stronger year after year.Cricket in India is something more than a sport, its just like a rain bearing clouds which unites every Indian together into one single thought of victory and gets dispersed when the victory showers are down poured .Though, IPL was started exploiting the love of cricket in India it has achieved many positive things besides revenue.Before the advent of Club cricket concept there were many long lasting feuds between two countries,two players etc., but now cricketers from different countries who had fought before on cricket field  years together play in a single team.Its amazing to see when people of same club congratulate each other even when they are playing against representing the nation.There is pun in this title IPL-"Cricket beyond boundaries" the first meaning is people from different countries play together surpassing barriers and the second meaning is the cricket boundary keep

What Life Means To Me!!!!

The Philosophy of Life is something which I have been wondering about for quite sometime now.Basically as a person with an excessive love for science and technolog y, I started relating textbook definitions with lessons for life and found many similarities.Let me tell you some of my observances: Inelastic Collision according to textbook definition is one in which during collision kinetic energy is not conserved which results in vibrational energy of atoms,heating effect and deformation of bodies which take part in these collisions.Similarly,even in LIFE when an inelastic fight takes place between two lovable persons in which none is conserving the love it results in vibration of thoughts in mind,increases anger(heat) and finally they separate (bodies deformed). Secondly, comes the word which has to be bountiful in every human soul-Self Belief.A man with self belief is like Leaded Petrol,he energizes the vehicle(himself) and radiates the same in his ambiance (leaded petrol doesn&#