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Decorate Life with Words ~ Different forms of poems

I like to decorate my life with words and this is my attempt at defining different states of my mind poetically. The broad theme of all these poems is romancethroughout the day (and night) explained using different types of poetic devices.
Concrete Visual Poetry - To Begin the Day

Every morning - My eyes open to your grumble,
Sheets crumple, mind mumbles while my heart stumbles,
A ray of sun streaks through the window onto my moon.

Limerick - Brunch time

Morning brunch, you and I,She ordered French toast with cinnamon, He said with a twinkle in his eye-"I’ll take French kiss with cinnamon".         Epigram - During the Day

Your face in my eyes,I lose all my lies.Your fingers inside of mine,I see my life incline.Your hair in my beard,My fears disappear-Your lips on mine,my mind stops to whine. 

Haiku in the Night 

Alone in bed, with a solitary light — Room smells empty without your scent; Will you come to quench my thirst?!

Love, Ram
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Living, Not Existing!

I open my door-
So mechanistically that my hands,
Do not feel the keys anymore.
I step into a house filled-
With darkness so deep that you,
Feel like you are in a black hole.
I drop everything I have-
Lay inanimately on bed that makes me;
Question - Am I living (or) existing?
I close my eyes, for respite,
To fill my mind with you -
Restless soul feels revived,
A light lingers in my black hole.
Fingers starts to feel your fist,
While my eyes yearns for yours,
A sea of tranquility drowns me-
As your face and shadow fall on me,
Feeling it I smile after quite a while -
Though you’re afar many a mile.
In these turbulent times of quarantine,My thoughts of you are umpteen,
Because, I feel like you are the key-
That opens the door to living, and not existing.

Sometimes I wonder!

Sometimes I wonder-
When I squeeze myself into that lift pensively,
With a bunch of people yet feeling lonely,
Will this lift ever attain escape velocity?
That takes me away from this Melancholy.

Sometimes I wonder-
When I scroll on my smartphone aimlessly,
With my thumb encircling the same apps stupidly,
Will this smartphone ever work intuitively?
That takes me away from this digital Cacophony.

Sometimes I wonder-
When I'm standing in that bus stop; solitary,
With dried leaves swirling around viciously,
Will I ever get that one bus immediately?
That takes me away to paradisiacal Arcady.

And then I wonder-
What I imagine my world to be is perfect and idealistic,
But what will remain in this world then will just be "Monotony".
The Friction, the Resistance, the Cacophony, the Melancholy -
Are the things that makes me uncomfortable, but I still persist
Because, in the end makes you awesome and keeps you alive.

Ram Thilak

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She is a Never Ending Story!

Been a busy day at work which brought me to my blog to try an interesting idea. I wrote a poem in Tamil (my mother tongue) and tried to translate that in (English and Hindi - basically the languages I know) using a combination of software and my knowledge of the language. The rhyming scheme might only apply in Tamil - the language of my thoughts but still its fun looking at how a poem in one language can shape up in other languages.

Tamil: அவள் ஒரு தோதற்கதை 
என் சுவாசம் எல்லாம் உன் வாசம் தேடாதோ?
என் வார்த்தை எல்லாம் உன் பேரை சொல்லதோ?
என் நேரமும் உன் நேசம் கிடைக்காதோ?
என்னோடு நீ இருக்கும் ஓவுறு நொடியும் உல்லாசம் ஆகாதோ?

English: She is a Never Ending story
Can my breath be forever filled with your aroma?
Can all the words I utter keep murmuring your name?
Can I get your love every second I live?
Every moment I spend with you, feels like I'm in paradise.

Hindi: वह कभी खत्म न होने वाली कहानी है
क्या मेरी सांस हमेशा के लिए आपकी सुगंध से भर सकती ह?
क्या मैं जो भी शब्द बोलता हूं, क्या वह स…

Super Deluxe - Cinematic Brilliance on Screen!

Before I start writing this, I'm overjoyed writing this review particularly because this movie "Super Deluxe" written in Thiagarajan Kumararaja captures the beauty of cinema in it's purest form . He made a name for himself through his first movie, Aaranya Kaandam - a neo-noir movie that was celebrated by critics for portraying the rawness in characters, for making a poster that captures' movie's ideology and for it's technical brilliance in cinematography, music and screenplay . The movie did win a lot of awards - most noticeably, the Grand Jury Award for the Best Film in the South Asian International Film Festival. However, it was unfortunate that it didn't do well enough in the box office and looking back I feel that movie was quite ahead of it's times.

The movie audiences over the past 4-5 years have changed significantly with movies focusing on dark humor genre like Soodhu Kavvum, Neram have surprisingly done well in box office. Therefore, Su…

Corporate Lessons from MS Dhoni

I'd written about this Mahendra Singh Dhoni twice earlier in my blog under the titles - Brand MSD - The Chanakya of Cricket and MS Dhoni - Power Pack sealed in an ice cube but somehow, he still seems to amuse me after every match. Incidentally, at the time of publishing this blog, India had just beaten Australia in a hard-fought ODI match held in Vidharba Cricket Stadium where Dhoni had played a pivotal role in guiding the team to win (through his pseudo captaincy). The way he conducted himself through the match is the inspiration for this blog, so here we go! A lot of the contents of this article can be understood only if you are an ardent follower of Indian Cricket (or) MS Dhoni as I've quoted specific examples, so please read ahead if you are.

If you work in a corporate setting, managers often quote terms that sound like excerpts from a self help book - Emotional Quotient (EQ), Empathy, Growth Mindset, Fail Fast, S…

Gully Boy - A Master Class by Zoya and Ranveer #ApneTimeAayega

Gully Boy - the musical drama flick that released this week says the story of an underdog rapper who believes in his talent and goes on to win the rap battle in Mumbai organised by famous American rapper Nas.

In any underdog (or) remake movies, there is a 'big' predictability factor which at times, weighs down the movie because almost everyone is aware of the climax from first frame. The only way you can differentiate is with screenplay, acting, music and casting - all of which has been done amazingly in this movie. Directed by Zoya Akhtar, every frame has been crafted in detail with enough authenticity that you delve deep into the "Gully Boy" without even realising it. One area where Zoya has done a stellar job is to build enough texture for each character arc in this movie so that it all intercepts beautifully as the movie unfolds. The different relationships the lead character (Ranveer Singh) interacts with mother-father, father-son, friendship, love etc., has be…