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When Love Said Goodbye!

Sitting alone in a noisy restaurant sipping coffee amidst the ruckus,
Her saree glided past me from behind I turned towards her like a compass,
When she twirled her curls and rolled it over her ears, my eyes went on autofocus,
And once her effervescent smile illuminated the room, I'd set my life's locus,
Mustering some courage I walked to her table to say, 'You're a magnum opus'.

With a twinkle in her eye, she smiled heartily asking me to gasp for some air,
While I was busy grasping her beauty, her hands calmed me down onto the chair.
With a face filled with surprise, she asked about me incessantly like a questionnaire,
Her wavy hands were musical but as her fingers went past her hair, I saw her sindoor,
With a sheepish smile in a hopeless tone, I said, 'Your sindoor has shown me the door'.

Love Ram Thilak

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