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Corporate Lessons from MS Dhoni

I'd written about this Mahendra Singh Dhoni twice earlier in my blog under the titles - Brand MSD - The Chanakya of Cricket and MS Dhoni - Power Pack sealed in an ice cube but somehow, he still seems to amuse me after every match. Incidentally, at the time of publishing this blog, India had just beaten Australia in a hard-fought ODI match held in Vidharba Cricket Stadium where Dhoni had played a pivotal role in guiding the team to win (through his pseudo captaincy). The way he conducted himself through the match is the inspiration for this blog, so here we go! A lot of the contents of this article can be understood only if you are an ardent follower of Indian Cricket (or) MS Dhoni as I've quoted specific examples, so please read ahead if you are.

If you work in a corporate setting, managers often quote terms that sound like excerpts from a self help book - Emotional Quotient (EQ), Empathy, Growth Mindset, Fail Fast, S…

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